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The ability to take my fine art background and infuse that style into the worlds of documentary and travel photography, has allowed me to create images that truly represent the best of all worlds.  Seeking out the cultures and rituals which I so love, and within them search for the colors, textures and emotions of the subjects which create them. 

It's important that I capture a singularly strong moment that is visually rich within or even outside the frame.  In my documentary work, I look for images that tell a fluid, cohesive story.  In my travel photography, I want my images to evoke a deeper meaning beyond the initial perception – a person through gesture, an object through color, or a place through light.  I often observe light as the subject and focus on bringing it to life, from ordinary to extraordinary, within the context of the image.

Susan Sontag said, "Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood."  My captured experiences are a result of remaining actively open to my surroundings, allowing for the subjects to evoke the scene and I to reveal its true essence.

For me, conveying these experiences to the viewer is the ultimate sense of completion.  I hope you appreciate the work as much as I do the opportunity to share it.  


Photographer Melissa Roldan has had an eye pressed to a viewfinder or loupe since the age of 14.  Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in New York, Melissa has shot hundreds of thousands of images capturing cultures, landscapes, and the people who inspire them.  Her prior work as a respected print producer and photo editor at various global stock agencies completed her holistic vision of the business.  Her work has been featured in the US and worldwide at such esteemed shows as: The Art of Photography Show, PHOTOLA, MOPLA asmpLA, and Women In Photography International.  She is represented by Aurora Photos and her fine art images can be found at Saatchi Gallery. Currently based in Los Angeles, but constantly traveling the world...