A successful image reflects two components, subject matter and composition, and while the framing of an image is the gateway for the viewer to the subject, what is the correlation between the two?


While I have experienced photographic success in taking a step back—the macro, the platonic, it has been more of a challenge to take a step forward—the micro, the intimate.  Steps forward, steps back, obstacles, etc., all of which have allowed me to understand the nuances of relationships, experience the varying levels of intimacy, and confirmation that intimacy can occur from afar. I bring the viewer on this journey, as the exploration of self is the exploration of others. 

In addition to examining myself and my art, what have I created by examining these two elements by separating them? While the goal is to illuminate the subject, or surroundings, have I created a barrier to the subject? Projected my personal view? Has the separation, an image within the image, allowed the viewer to add context or interfered? Is the added element too obscure, leaving the viewer unable to connect or worse, care? Or is it simply clever framing?

I’ve attempted to address all these questions with a body of work entitled, CAMERA OBSCURED. — Melissa Roldan